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In the world of Forex, say the word "MetaTrader", and anyone who has been trading for any length of time immediately knows exactly what you're talking about. Over the past few years, MetaTrader 4 has become one of the world's most popular Forex trading platforms, and for goodupgrade. With the ability to include charting, news, alerts, as well as a host of indicators and automated strategies, MetaTrader 4 is now supported by numerous brokers around the world. While the back end support and technology varies, the software is very much the same. Thall questions. MetaTrader 5, with its updated features, is the natural next step for this trading software.

In recent years, many traders have begun to utilize the ability to customize or program automated trading strategies in MetaTrader. As trade execution, technology, and trader expertise has increased, this option has begun to appeal to many, as it helps ensure the fundamentals of a given strategy are executed without the influence of emotion. The expedite this process, MetaTrader 5 incorporates a fundamental change in the programming language to ensure more efficient operation, and increased speed in script execution. For those developing Expert Advisors, the all-new Intellisense system offers traders and programmers the ability to incorporate pre-written strings of code to speed the process, as well as a feature to automatically de-bug faulty entries. Additionally, an updated and enhanced strategy tester is included for EA development.

In addition to the major changes in code, MetaTrader 5 also contains some other minor enhancement which make for a more complete trading experience. The program now includes additional indicators, with increased customization options, but more importantly for those focused on the charts, the timeframe settings have been expanded for improved analysis.

With all of these changes, MetaTrader 5 improves on the already excellent MetaTrader 4 platform, but takes all of the features traders want, and expands and improves them on all fronts. As always, Tradeview Forex will continue to offer industry leading support and technology to ensure our clients the best trading experience with the newest technology. Stay tuned for the MetaTrader 5 official release date.