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In this article we will show you how to add alerts to your MT4 platform. It will help you to get immediate feedback about any important change in currency markets so you don't waste your time waiting in front of your computer all day!

The first step is to open the alert's chart in the inferior part of your screen:

Opening the alert's chart

Now right click on the chart so you can create a new alert. You will see in your screen the following message:

Create an alertAlert Editor on the MT4 Platform

And now, you just need to set the options according to your preferences:

  • In "Action" you will have three options: reproducing a sound, sending an email to you and saving a file when the alert will be activated. In "source" you can set the options for the "Action" you selected. For instance, the email address if you selected "Email".
  • In "Symbol" you can set the currency pair or your interest; in this case we are creating an alert for XAU/USD.
  • Clear, concise statements
  • In "Condition" you will choose the specific event you want to be alerted about. For instance, you can create an alert when the bid price of XAU/USD will be major than a determined value that can be determined in the "Value" option.
  • In "Timeout" you set the amount of time in which the alert is finished after being activated.
  • In "Maximum iterations" you can define the number of times you want to be announced when the same specific event will be repeated.

That's it! Now you can save time and let the platform do it all for you.